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What is The Webster Technique & How does it help pregnant women?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

The Webster technique is a chiropractic evaluation and treatment tailored for the pregnant body.It evaluates the sacrum and it’s alignment within the pelvis. The goal is to balance the pelvis so that the baby(ies) have more room in the pelvic bowl.

The adjustments and manual techniques are performed to put the sacrum back into the correct alignment and to balance the pelvis. I stretch and massage the attachment points of the uterine ligaments on the abdominal wall, this feels like a relaxing tummy massage, and feels good for mama and baby(ies). The combination of soft tissue work and adjustments serve to decrease the tension of the sacrotuberous, sacroiliac ligaments and the decrease of tension of the uterine ligaments on the uterus itself compound and result in the reduction of intrauterine constraint. With normal tension on the uterus and more room within the pelvic bowl, the baby(ies) can get into the optimal position for birth- head down.

I am Webster certified and will work with your body through pregnancy AND postpartum recovery.

Post natal recovery care encompasses getting pelvis back to balance postpartum, re-engaging the core and pelvic floor and decreasing neck, shoulder and wrist discomfort from holding a baby(ies).

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