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Rave Reviews From Our Community 

"I came to Dr. Martinez in extreme pain and in desperate need of relief. It was my first visit ever to a chiropractor, and I must admit, I was nervous. But I couldn’t conduct my day to day life due to the pain and my primary physician wasn’t able to help. I discovered D. Martinez and she performed what I would call *magic* on my spine. I walked out of her office considerably relieved of the worst part of my pain. Later, with her guidance and expertise, I had an MRI and discover two massively herniated discs that I had surgery on to repair. My surgeon was amazed how well I was managing the pain and how quickly I recovered which I attribute to the care received by Dr. Martinez. She knows her way around the spine and all of its related components. Her touch is gentle, confident, and highly effective. I am so fortunate to have her on my recovery team and highly recommend her for all of your aches and structural pain."

 - SG, an avid thru-way hiker and adventurer

"Dr. Savannah is an excellent  resource for expecting and postpartum mamas and their kids. She is gentle and fun as well as a wealth of knowledge to help them feel aligned, pain free and supportive during this important time."

 - Dr. Kelly Dean pelvic floor physical therapist and Owner of The Tummy Team

"Dr. Savannah knows her stuff. Period. She creates such a warm, welcoming and fun environment. I’m grateful for every time she has treated my aches and pains, as well as all the knowledge bombs she has dropped!"

 - Dr. Samantha Clevenger D.C. 

"She’s super friendly and an effective chiropractor! If you’re in a lot of pain, she’s the person to see in the area."

 - Dr. John Zdor, Physical Therapist


Here, you are in nurturing hands 

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